rythm of the blood

shortfilm, 8 min, 2021  

cast: daniel hernandez, paula ming 

director: nicholas sinclair
co-director/editor: nils woitschach 
lighting designer: elizabeth vicary 
hair & make up: klara stark 

directors commentary:“ I first worked with Daniel Hernandez and Paola Ming in 2020 and after seeing the results of our work together I felt that I should make a short film with them as a way of extending the qualities I could see in the still photographs. They interact so beautifully together and have such a tangible chemistry that transferring these qualities into movement and time seemed an inevitable next step.

The starting point for this story was a line from Albert Camus's final, unfinished novel The First Man: "Controlled by the rhythm of the blood and the day and the night and the seasons." I imagined an environment using light and sound where the two characters could develop their own form of contemporary dance and tell a subliminal story. I include two lines from the Shakespeare play Anthony and Cleopatra to give the audience a clue to the nature of this story. “ 

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